Comic City – Your comic book and graphic novel headquarters.

In 1993, Comic City introduced the modern comic shop to Metro Detroit, and since then has been constantly redefining expectations. We carry all the comics you’d expect, and many more. From manga to drama, romance to superheroes, we’re a store where your entire family can experience graphic storytelling in an exciting friendly store unlike any other. Since then, Comic City has become Michigan’s largest retailer of new comics and the states direct market leader in sales of graphic novels.

We know you want convenience, so we carry a large selection of graphic novels, so you can read complete stories without days or even years of searching for an issue. Our stores are located where you shop, in clean, safe centers, with plenty of free parking and convenient hours. Our staffs love comics, but more importantly, they love helping people, so everyone in your family will feel welcome in a bright and fun store.

But Comic City is more than comic books, we’re also gifts, novelties, and shirts, all related to todays biggest comic characters. We carry collectible games like Magic the Gathering and Heroclix and are expanding our tabletop and family board games sections continuously. We buy from many suppliers directly, rather than just the one that most comic shops use. This gets us a constantly revolving selection of items, often in-store when others are still taking pre-orders for them

With 4 stores in Metro Detroit (CantonWest BloomfieldPontiacTrenton) we’re close to everyone.